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As promised, Irene Brady's sketch journals created during journeys
to South Africa, the jungles of Costa Rica,
Belize and the Amazon, to Kauai, the Oregon Coast,
the Sonoran Desert and across Central Oregon
(with more to come!)

AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW: (Click on journal cover image to visit its webpage)

Costa Rica in February Sketch Journal... Costa Rica in July Sketch Journal... Sketchcrawl on a Wild Pacific Beach...
Oregon High Desert Crossing Sketch Journal... The Amazon & Costa Rica Traveler's Sketch Journal... Kauai ~ A Beachcombers Sketchbook Tutorial...
Belize~ Beach & Jungle Adventures... South African Sketching Safari... Saguaro Sketch Journal... Your invitation...

Click here to enjoy a Look-Inside-the-Book
at Irene's informal forest sketch journals, an intimate look into an Oregon madrone forest (the Woolly Bear Caterpillar page below is from the October & November set).

Journal Page
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    ~Hawaii, Adventures on The Big Island
    ~New Zealand from End to End
    ~and More As They Happen!

Each sketchbook is the record of a naturalist's journey, experienced with great interest and curiosity, and recorded with intimate detail. Read the tutorials to take a peek behind the scenes to see what was REALLY going on behind each entry.

Even if you are a seasoned sketch journaler, you will get new ideas and delight in the fresh, detailed observations of far-away or lesser-known places. Definitely worth your time.

All but the two Costa Rica Jungle & Beach sketch journals offer detailed tutorials, with photos of the original scenes and a "before" scan of the sketchpage, showing how each sketchpage was drawn and sketched, with candid discussion of things that did and did not work as expected. The tutorial pages offer valuable insight into ways to approach your writing and drawing adventures. Click on those journals above to read more about this innovative approach.

These sketch journals are in PDF (Portable Document File) format ~ for only $9.95 on your credit card or PayPal you can download them instantly from the website. Read them onscreen, or print them out on your printer (heavy paper recommended), and you're ready for an intimate and exciting armchair journey!

In addition to being great fun for you, these travel sketch journals make great gifts for the aspiring artists in your life (especially if you print them out on heavy paper and present them gift-wrapped in a binder or bound at a print shop), and for anyone thinking of traveling to any of the places in the journals.

Sketching in the canopy... A NOTE FROM IRENE: Thanks for stopping by ~ I hope you enjoy my journals as much as I do. I keep going back to them again and again for a mini-vacation. My guess is that they'll inspire you to create, improve, or get new ideas for your own sketch journaling adventures.

I'm currently in the process of converting my other trip journals into downloadable files for you. Return to check for new offerings.

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