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New Zealand Trek
A Campervan Journey With Camera and Sketchbook
an eBook written and illustrated with photos and sketches by Irene Brady,
with additional photos by Daniel Bish
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New Zealand Trek bookcover waterfall with ferns
Do you dream of
visiting or living in New Zealand?

At last! the view through
the campervan window,
of New Zealand from end to end
plus hikes to waterfalls and glaciers,
visits to museums, walks on the beach,
and much more.
This eBook shows you
not only the usual scenic wonders,
but the countryside and many other delights
from one end of New Zealand to the other.
Use it to plan your own New Zealand trip,
or just sit back and enjoy the ride as we:

    Snow-dusted Peaks of Doubtful Sound
  • rent a campervan in Queenstown on South Island
  • relax in the pools of Miranda Hot Springs
  • take a fantastic cruise in Doubtful Sound
  • get pecked by a wicked wild weka, on a Tasman Sea beach
  • hike the Franz Josef Glacier trail to the towering glacier
  • wander through treeferns, palm, beech and kauri forests
  • visit fabulous Milford Sound (and a small, trusting robin)
  • sketch/photograph ferns, mushrooms, waterfalls, shags, penguins, glaciers, etc~
  • pick through seashells on a pumpkin-orange beach Irene in the ferns
  • ogle a yellow-eyed penguin from just inches away
  • revel in craggy Tolkien views (alas, no orcs)
  • cross Cook Strait on the dawn ferry to Wellington
  • admire exploding mud bubbles in a thermal pool
  • parboil in the natural spa of Hot Water Beach
  • discover a "different" moon "down under"
  • chat with friendly Kiwis (New Zealanders)
  • and have hundreds of other adventures during our month-long journey in a rented economy campervan.
albatross chicks

There are 3 - 6 pictures on every page. Most are photos taken by Dan or me and many are sketches from my journal (like the one of albatross chicks at left). The writing is casual, wide-ranging, and "real," like a blog or letters sent home from a far away land. We had a wonderful time, and you can read about it in detail on every page. Here's a sample.

This book is an essential guide for every New Zealand dreamer or visitor ~ and the curious armchair traveler who wants to know what New Zealand is REALLY like. While reading this book, you'll feel like you're actually traveling the length of New Zealand on a truly wonderful vacation. This is an invaluable guide for planning your own New Zealand visit.

This ebook prints out on 88 pages of 8 x 11 paper.
It contains nearly three hundred photos and about fifty pencil and pen sketches. Regularly priced at $17.95 for the book-in-the-hand, our download price is just $8.95.
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