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"...should be classified as 'for all ages.' Writing and illustrations are superb." Jackson Sun, 9/76

"...the kind of book that will be passed from child to child and become 'dogeared' with affection." Boston Globe, 4/76

"...lots of endearing information...soft-edged pencil drawings suggest cuddly warmth without sacrificing accuracy." Kirkus Reviews, 2/76

Written and illustrated for children ages 8-12, younger children love having it read to them. Pictures on every page make the story come to life and provide visual interest for younger listeners.

Here's the story:
As the two new-born beaver kits Cassie and Paddle enter the world they are welcomed by their mother's soft crooning coo and gentle grooming. Limited at first to the interior of their stick-and-mud lodge, it isn't long before they are curiously exploring the underwater tunnels and deep waters of the beaver pond.

As the kits' instincts take hold and they follow their parents example they begin to help collect and store food, repair the dam, and
recognize the warning signs for danger.

When heavy spring rains destroy both their lodge and the dam,
Cassie and Paddle are thrust onto their own, for trapped by the raging waters, they are carried from their home and family -- forced to begin their own new beaver colony.

The book links the young beavers to the pulsing throb of the surrounding pond and forest in a gentle story of beaver life in the wilderness.

This 7 x 9" paperback retails at $7.95. Volume discounts.

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