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The Redrock Canyon Explorer Cover Here's a fascinating fact/fiction book for all ages, about canyon life of the Southwest. Illustrated with more than 280 drawings, you will see this redrock canyon from the viewpoint of the wildlife as they go about their everyday lives.

Beginning with a coyote carrying home dinner to its family, you trot down the canyon trail, watched by a mother vulture keeping her eggs warm in a nearby cave. One of the eggs is hatching, and you watch as the chick emerges....

Here's a peek at two facing pages (it's a PDF file -- 385KB)
The illustrated story reads like good fiction, following the lives of the mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and plants and their closely interconnected lives in a desert canyon. You'll experience a flash flood through the eyes of a desert cottontail and drink at the canyon potholes with a mule deer. Feed your owl chicks in an Ancient Puebloan dwelling, and protect your spider eggs in an old cracked Anasazi cooking pot.

You'll experience what an ordinary day is like for forty-three different creatures, from mourning dove and canyon wren to bighorn sheep and mountain lion, as well as such oddities as spadefoot toad, collared lizard, kangaroo rat and yucca moth.

Illustrations show everything from tracks and skulls and animal behavior to petrified sand dunes and dinosaur footprints. You'll find maps and the geology of all the popular parks and monuments; hiking and camping advice; and an entertaining, low-impact Things-To-Do section. A table of contents and an extensive index make it quick and easy to look things up.


"We bought your Redrock Canyon book while visiting the Grand Canyon this past summer, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I read it with my homeschooled sons, one or two chapters at a time, to savor it. . .They love the story and the facts and figures.
I am happy that they can learn more about that gorgeous part of the US (we live outside the US, so that may be our one and only trip to the SW)." Michelle C., mother of homeschooled sons. 10/06

The RV Journal, a quarterly magazine for travelers, says: "In a style that's graphically pleasing and educationally sound, this interesting book serves as a perfect traveling companion." They've been running chapters from The Redrock Canyon Explorer in every issue since since 1999.

"The Redrock Canyon Explorer is our storyteller, our nature guide, our scientific reference -- the whole family loves this fantastic book!." Diane Harris, former elementary school teacher, mother and homeschooler, 11/01

"... a guide to the wildlife, people and geology...that a child can understand and...an adult canyon visitor also will appreciate." American Scientist, 7/99

"Traveling homeschoolers would find this an absorbing and useful nature/science/geology guide to their journey. Generously illustrated, it features the Colorado Plateau, the redrock canyons, their animal and plant inhabitants, and the prehistory of the native Americans who once lived there." Anne Zeise, on A to Z Home's Cool online

"...a highly enjoyable and strongly recommended companion to exploring redrock canyons of the Southwest. Packed from cover to cover with black-and-white illustrations, The Redrock Canyon Explorer showcases amazing facts about canyon history and wildlife; from how lizards run, to the life cycles of ravens, to the Ancestral Pueblo Native American culture that once called the redrock canyons home. The Redrock Canyon Explorer is a truly amazing, fact-filled and exciting guide for nature lovers of all ages and backgrounds." The Midwest Book Review, James Cox, 9/02

"Taking this book into the field with you will give you a new appreciation of the desert country..." Fossil News. 1/01

"The Redrock Canyon Explorer is an extensive guide to the geology, flora and fauna of the Colorado Plateau. With stunning illustrations, each left-hand page contains information on specific species of plant or animal, while the right-hand page contains nuggets of information about other details of the Plateau. This book should sell especially well in Southwest area nature stores, travel lodges, and resorts. It is full of all kinds information that would be useful to travelers, campers and hikers. We rated this book four hearts." Heartland Reviews, Bob Spear, 12/02

If you're thinking of traveling to the Redrock Country, this map site may be just the answer to getting there.

This 8 x 10" softbound book is 112 pages and has more than 280 illustrations.
It retails at $19.95. Volume discounts are available.

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